Power and Democracy

The Power and Democracy Research Project is a four-year (2014-2017) research project funded by the University of Iceland Centennial Fund. It is a study on power and democratic governance in Iceland focusing on the legislature, executive and judicial powers, public policy and administration, as well as on the actors and participants in the system, such as political parties, interest groups, the media and the public. Power and democracy studies have been conducted in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and the Icelandic study is guided to some extent by the Nordic studies, while also taking into account the specific conditions in Iceland, particularly the impact of the financial collapse in 2008.
The Icelandic power and democracy study focuses on empirical research and emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach of involving scholars from different disciplines of social science. Professor Gunnar Helgi Kristinsson, of Faculty of Political Science, is the study’s research director and some 30 scholars from different faculties of the School of Social Sciences, University of Iceland take part in the study.
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