About Us

The Institute of Public Administration and Politics is a University institute founded in 2002, run in cooperation with stakeholders in the public sector such as the City of Reykjavík. The institute operates as an independent entity by the Faculty of Political Science in connection with the University‘s Social Science Research Institute.
The Institute‘s mission is to strengthen the ties between the academic community and the governing bodies of society, including politicians, officials and business leaders and third sector organizations; organize national and international conferences and workshops; fostering dialogue and research on the relationship between media, politics, public policy and public administration and to publish and promote research. It is also intended to be a venue for public education, debate and discussions on politics, public policy and administration.
At the university level, the Institute focuses on promoting graduate studies, practical training and research in the field of public administration within the Department of Political Science and to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration within the University of Iceland, and to assist the Department of Political Science and others in the field of public administration and political science.
Photo of the Oddi building, University of Iceland campus
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