Value in Space and Time: Constructing and Governing Sustainability

The Fulbright Commission in Iceland in collaboration with the Faculty of Political Science, the Institute of Public Administration and Politics, and the Institute of International Affairs at the University of Iceland present an open lecture by Dr. Janelle Knox-Hayes:

Value in Space and Time: Constructing and Governing Sustainability

Dr. Janelle Knox-Hayes is a visiting Fulbright scholar for the fall 2014 semester from Georgia Institute of Technology. She has been teaching courses on sustainability and comparative environmental policy at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Iceland,  as well as doing her own research.

Dr. Knox-Hayes will present the work she has been doing and discuss her time in Iceland during an open meeting on Thursday 11 December at 12.00-13.00 in Oddi, room 101 at the University of Iceland. Belinda Theriault, Director of the Fulbright Commission in Iceland, will introduce Dr. Knox-Hayes and moderate the event. Everyone is welcome.

Janelle holds a PhD in economic geography from Oxford University and a BA in environmental sciences and international relations from the University of Colorado. She has been an assistant professor at Georgia Tech School of Public Policy since 2009, where she specializes in public policy analysis.

About Dr. Knox-Hayes´ lecture:

Sustainability is an effort to balance economic growth, environmental preservation and social equity. An increasingly prevalent feature of efforts to create sustainable market governance suggests that natural resources are best managed through the pricing and trading of positive and negative externalities. If successful, markets will not only be used to govern the greenhouse gases that generate climate change, but they will also introduce an era of environmental finance. Because markets generate financial value that is divorced from the present materiality of environmental resources, they have the potential to create tremendous distortions and to devalue and destabilize natural environmental systems. Dr. Knox-Hayes will highlight the problems of market governance for sustainability, including the mismatch between the scale of financial productivity markets achieve and the material impacts they generate for natural resources. Consequently, sustainability might be conceptualized as a process of connecting people with each other and with nature in the context of the present, past and future. Achieving sustainability requires an understanding of the range of values various communities hold and the ways these values anchor them to particular places across time.

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