Fyrirlestur Michael Corgan um nýafstaðnar þingkosningar í Bandaríkjunum

Dr. Michael T. Corgan, from the Pardee School of Global Studies Boston University, will give an open lecture on the recent US Midterm elections and will discuss its possible aftermath.

Thursday, November 20th. in Oddi- University of Iceland, room 101 at 12.00-13.00. The Lecture will be in English.

The talk will cover why the elections turned out as they did, some interesting anomalies in the results, and what the divided government means for the US and its international politics in the next two years. Specifically, did Putin, ISIS, China, or Israel "win" anything by the results?

Dr. Michael T. Corgan is an Associate Professor of International Relations at the Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University. He specializes in international security, Nordic affairs and the Arctic. A Fulbright professor in Political Science at the University of Iceland in 2001, he returned to teach in 2006 and 2014 and is a Founding Partner of the Centre for Small State Studies. A Naval Academy graduate, he was a career naval officer for 25 years. He is a frequent commentator on Boston and US national media on security issues and national politics and has spoken on US politics at the University of Iceland for over 20 years.

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